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I have some stories to tell you, and each of them has a happy ending. Now there's a guarantee you won't find just everywhere.

I write small-town romance, with characters you'll wish lived in your neighborhood. My stories tend toward "sweet" or "tender" romance. I like to refer to it as just enough spice, but the lid's still on the jar.

Now available for pre-order at Amazon: Second Chances. If you pre-order, the book will be available to your e-reading device on August 28. (This is my first ever time to have a pre-order button, and I am jazzed!)

This title is 99 cents now through Aug 31, 2014.

Second chances. Sometimes the hardest part is believing they exist. 

Anne McClain Bradley returns to her small town roots after an absence of 30 years. Pete Garrity is in Legend, Tennessee, for a new start in a place where nobody knows him. Ms Adeline Bynum, recently deceased, has a hand in bringing them both here. Legend has a way of healing broken hearts. But can Anne and Pete let go of the tragedies of their pasts in order to have a future together? 

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